CEO greetings

대표 인사말

Seasonally, the meaning of June is the period of growth.
If we see that the birth of all things starts in March, we have just started walking off the toes and now we are ready to play.
Stereo standards have been established for 61 years, but we still have not figured out the right answer yet to see what and how best to implement it.
That is why there is a quasi-acoustics of late departure, and it is also the reason why as many stars as the stars in the sky and several new products are pouring in a day.
Whether it's a source device, an amplifier or a speaker, the promise of semi-acoustic is that we will be releasing the product in a way that always presents the topic in a new, fresh and uncharted territory

2019 .3 .13

Representative Kim Young-joon

Footsteps of the representative

  • 1958 .5 .1 days ~ Born in Gobu-myeon, Jeongeup
  • 1971 ~ 2 seat reflex radio assembly
  • 1975 ~ Jeonbuk Regional Functional Olympic Gold Medal
  • 1977 ~ 11.01 ~ 1980 .9 .30 ~ Air Force Aviation Electronics Battalion
  • 1979 Acquired first grade of electronic device engineer
  • 1986. Registered US patent for battery water supply valve system
  • 2004. Registered patent for mobile phone wireless charging device (17 patents)
  • 2004 ~ 2018 – Worked as an analog circuit designer
  • 2012 – Patented audio amplifier device
  • 2019 – Patent application for speaker device
  • 2019.3.13 – Establishment of Zune Acoustics