Amplifier Design Principles

  • THD does not exceed 1% in normal output range.
  • The signal is not returned to the input side at the final output stage.
  • The internal impedance of the amplifier is maintained at 0.4 Ω or less. 
    (DF = 20 or more for 8Ω LOAD) (DF = 8 or more for vacuum tube output)
  • For DC stability of the amplifier, NFB (Negative FeedBack) depends only on our virtual feedback method.
  • In TR, amplifier types of DC-type output by the FET 
    output short-or over-voltage event of 
    protecting the speaker 
    mounting the amplifier circuit before shipment 
    in accordance with the checklist 
    and executes the complete test.
  • Even if the difference in height is even (even-numbered), the enhancement due to an arbitrary circuit is excluded.